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You understanding your options is important to me. So I'll speak with you in a language you can understand, avoiding heavy tech jargon so we're constantly on the same page.  You'll also get honest, straightforward input and feedback from me. Sure, I'd love to have you hire me, but I only take jobs I'm interested

My Risk-Free $100 Consultation offers you the opportunity to hire me and my 20+ years of tech experience without being obligated to anything. You'll be getting a fully invested, curious, co-creative collaborator on your team. And, if after 30 minutes either of us thinks the call just isn't working and we're not a good fit, I'll refund your money.

I won't give you a lengthy sales pitch. Our call will be entirely focused on supporting you reaching your goals.

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Apps Currently Available

Wonder Builder

Increase your wonder skills, build your wonder muscles, and open to new realms of possibility using Audrey Hazekamp‘s Wonder Builder app.

Download Wonder Builder for iOS on the App Store
Download Wonder Builder for Android from Google Play


Nancy Thiel Voogd‘s Self-Discovery cards can guide you on an internal journey to discover your inner wisdom. Gazing with intention at the cards drops you into the wordless realm of consciousness; as you rest into the quiet, words, thoughts, ideas, and connections will start to become clear.

Download Wonder Builder for iOS on the App Store
Download Self-Discovery for Android from Google Play

The Unwinder

Shift from fear to flow, from stuck and grinding to creating what you want! Learn valuable ways to create space inside yourself so you can source your own choicefulness.

The Unwinder is a collaboration with Harry Poliak, certified Big Leap Coach.

Download Wonder Builder for iOS on the App Store
Download The Unwinder for Android from Google Play

App Support

I do my best to create bug-free apps, yet sometimes bugs happen. If you find a problem with an app I've developed you can request App Support or Report a Bug.