Patrick Broom

Conscious Technology Facilitation Services

I offer conscious technology facilitations services. I love to play in the synergistic creative energies of collaboration and discovery.

I have been called a jack-of-all-trades in the tech world, capable of occupying many roles. I can morph to fit project needs, adpating quickly.

Some of my favorite endeavors are creating seamless online experiences that support learning and exploration, designing instructional documents, and playing with information displays.

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Health and Wellness Services

I offer health and wellness coaching, teaching Foundation Training's movement patterns that enable you to live a sustainable, happy, productive life. I advocate self exploration and play as a primary means of changing habits and improving quality of life.

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About Me

I love to create, play, and move my body. I am a life long learner, constantly expanding myself and my professional offerings.

My latest endeavor—enrolling in the Leadership and Transformation Training program at the Hendricks Institute in Ojai, CA—has me studying conscious living and loving practices as well as techniques that bring alive creativity. I am actively playing with ways to integrate what I learn with my technology and health and wellness services.

Be kind to your body. Practice often. Play. Love.

- Patrick